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Meet Tina

Bettina Hepburn, a.k.a T-Dog/T-Rex/Gina/Wina, is TWO.AM’s middle (wo)man. She has the tough task of channeling the boundless creativity that emerges for our studio, into client expectations and requirements.

Tina, who spent several years abroad, traded in the hospitality life for a career in advertising here with us. Her exceptional organisational skills are called upon on a daily basis, be it chasing a creative on a deadline, liaising with clients, or making sure that our G&T stocks are always full.

There is no debating the fact that Tina is a hard worker; she has proven her worth on countless occasions by working late into the night, and never allowing the pressure of the situation to waver her bright-eyed and bushy-tailed outlook. When the stress does get a bit much, Tina often takes the edge off with a glass of red, followed by a short rant, and then it’s back to work.

Tina brings an unparalleled joy to the office, be it from her fully audible arguments with herself, to her wacky jokes and sayings (she won the Overheard at TWO.AM award for her crazy analogies), to the fact that you will almost never find her without a smile plastered across her face.

Simply put, Tina’s joy is infectious!

Meet Tina here, and if it’s a Friday, you’d best address her as Gina: LinkedIn