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Meet Kirsten Gerber

The newest addition to the TWO.AM Agency team is Miss Kirsten Gerber.

Kirsten joined the team four months ago and has made amazing headway as our Traffic and Project Manager. She is also our resident story teller and awkward silence annihilator; since she joined, we have yet to go more than a minute of quiet…

Being one to have a story for and from every occasion, we know that Kirsten has had a full life so far. Here are a few of the weird and wacky things that she has shared with us:

She has worked at Buckingham Palace, and at the annual Scientology Ball (no, she did not meet Tom Cruise).

She learnt the hard way about getting between an Italian mother and her child whilst Au Pairing in Italy.

Her first ever TV appearance was in the closing credits of K-TV (which we can’t seem to find).

Being Simba Surprised was her ultimate childhood dream, but alas, it never happened.

Jewellery Design is her studied trade, but she owned the outdoor realm with Capestorm and First Ascent before joining us.

The first four months of having Kirsten on board has been a great experience, featuring plenty of entertaining moments, including calling Anine, our M.D, ‘love’ on numerous accounts as well as her pursuit of the perfect Instagram post, which sees her contort herself into all shapes to capture “that magic moment”.

So Kirsten, here’s to you and your future with us here at TWO.AM.